3 Work From Home Outfits For Men


Working from home can be great – however, if you don’t hold yourself accountable, you can find yourself scrolling endlessly through all of your favorite social media sites (I’m so bored that I might download Tik Tok…). At this point, almost everyone has had to throw their daily routine out the window – which can be a tough thing for most people – including myself. Finding a new routine takes time, and some trial and error. Not only have I re-worked the way that I sleep, but I also had to rethink the rest of my daily schedule.

The first mistake that I made – not getting dressed every day.

That has since changed, and if you aren’t getting ready every morning – I hope this post inspires you to do so. Holding yourself accountable and being productive starts with a morning routine and getting dressed every day.

Men’s Outfits for Working From Home

WFH OUTFIT #1: Joggers + Polo

Joggers & a Polo are perfect for those zoom call meetings. Pair that with comfortable Vans – add a watch with a metal band for a more dressed up look. Joggers are great for that extra at-home comfort. This outfit will inspire you to get some work done and not just end up back in bed after getting up for that first cup of coffee.

WFH OUTFIT #2: Chinos

Chinos are a great way to be comfortable and enjoy the feeling of wearing a pair of pants. I deeply sympathize with those of you who only feel productive when you put pants on. Slip a colorful handkerchief into your back pocket – no one will know its there, but you will!

WFH OUTFIT #3: Athleisure

It’s time for athleisure to shine! I think this style works best when you offset the casual look with intentional accessories. Layering & eye-catching accessories will elevate any laid back fit.

Thank you as always for reading – stay healthy and drink some water.


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