3 Simple (But Important) Tips On Trying A New Style!


T he truth is changing up your style can be frustrating. Sometimes you don’t know what you’re going for but you just wanna try something new. I think about this often but more specifically when it comes to changing my hairstyle. I think to myself, “I’m gonna do it!” Then I’m afraid of what other people might think. Which sounds ridiculous but it’s true.

There is a time and a place (just like most things) for when you SHOULD care what others think, but when it comes to your style, other people’s opinions don’t matter — your style should be yours!

Here are my simple, but important, tips on finding your next look.

1. Just F**king Do It!

Changing up your style doesn’t have to be hard. Sometimes you just have to say F**k it. After entertaining the idea for almost a year it only took me 30 minutes of serious thought to officially pull the trigger. (I was at the gym, where all of my profound thoughts happen!)

I needed a change and this was a temporary way of giving my self a nice change. Hair grows back so I had nothing to lose here. If I liked it… Cool! It stays for a bit. If I didn’t like it I could shave my head or dye it back! (Though let’s be real here, I would never shave my head!)

This was a total “F**k it” move on my end.

If you want to try a style or a look, Just do it. What do you have to lose?

2. Like It.

I often let the court of public opinion get in my head. Dying my hair was a way of doing what I wanted without entertaining anyone else’s opinion.

Growing up I always dressed a certain way. My style was a mix of preppy and business casual, well before I knew what either of those terms meant. I liked throwing on a button-down or a polo. Friends always asked me why or assumed that I was wearing this clothing for another reason other than the fact that I liked what I was wearing.

Shortly after my Instagram hair reveal, comments came FLOODING in! To say I didn’t know this would happen would be ignorant on my part. I knew it would happen and I knew some people would love it and others would hate it. Either way, it didn’t matter because I liked it.

Feel good with the fact that you’re trying something new. If you like what you’re wearing or how you look then don’t listen to what others might say.

3. Embrace It.

I felt so much more confident because I was doing something new and exciting. I was owning this look and this style. I made it mine. It’s important to remember that you can rock any style as long as you like it.

See you soon,


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