5 Travel Tech Essentials


5 Travel Tech Essentials

This summer I have been living out of a large backpack/carry-on. Between adventures to NYC,  California, or quick weekend escapes to the beach tech always makes it into my luggage. Certain tech items have made travel easier and now I refuse to leave for a trip without them.

5. Anker Lightning Power Cable (10ft): 

Everyone needs a GOOD (please stop buying cheap cables & complaining about how they break) lightning cable for their phone. This Anker 10ft long (so you can lay in bed watching videos) and it’s braided so you won’t have to worry about it breaking.

4. Anker Battery:

Don’t panic! You got the juice. Whether you need directions, your boarding pass, or just trying to enjoy some Netflix on the go your phone must stay charged. With this portable battery bank, you can get almost 7 full charges on your phone. Above all, if your traveling with a group you will never be left Home Alone because someone always needs a charge and you have the hookup.

3. Anker Power Wall Charger

Get rid of your single USB port wall charger! Multiple devices always need to be charged at the same time.

2. Native Union Stow Organizer:

Suitcase real estate has gone up in price and you literally can’t afford to take anything that won’t fit in your carry on. This Native Union tech organizer makes it easy to carry all of your cables and tech accessories.

1. Air Pods 

I have had my Airpods for over a year now and I don’t regret the purchase. I fell in love with Airpods because of the ease of use and instant (Magic Like) connectivity to your devices is worth it alone.


Samsung SSD Portable Hard Drive: 

If you need a hard drive to travel with look no further! This 1TB hard drive has been one of my daily essentials for a year now. This hard drive is slim, durable, and fast. The best part is its durability, unlike most HHD’s this SSD (Solid State Drive) does not have a spinning disk. This means you can move it in use without the fear that you’re going to lose your data.

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See you soon,

– Conor


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