I Think It Might Just Be In My Blood After All


I am thrilled to announce that I will be joining the Marketing team at Virtua Health! 

I was always incredibly proud of growing up in a family of accomplished healthcare professionals. My parents and older sister have all completed their doctorates, and my younger brother seems to be on a similar path. However, I knew that I was meant for something different. 

I began by going to school for film production, and it was the experience I was waiting for. It opened the door to many forms of art and craftsmanship. I became a fan of Jazz listening to the voice of my friend and roommate Ali. I fell in love with the art of dance because of all of my very talented dancer friends. My roommate and friend William had me going to the theater to watch stage performances. I began to appreciate the craftsmanship in woodworking, sculpting, drawing, animation, singing, and countless more art forms. 

I learned that when words fail to describe a sensation or feeling, there is a form of art that can represent it somehow! 

I was the furthest from healthcare that I had been in my entire life. And for the first time, I considered myself an artist

Since graduating, I have continued to produce, create, and learn. Developing my photography, video, marketing, CRM management, branding, and storytelling skills. 

Today as a business-minded artist, I find it ironic that I am taking everything I have learned into healthcare marketing. With that being said, I am beyond thrilled – I think it might just be in my blood after all. 



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