How To Make Cold Brew Coffee at Home (Large Batches)


Everyone has that thing that gets them out of bed in the morning – for myself and many others; it’s that “dirty bean water” we call coffee (my roommate and best friend William used to call it that – in theory, he isn’t wrong). I enjoy nothing more than the thought of getting ready in the morning with a cup of coffee. For me, it’s about the routine and habit of preparing coffee in the morning; it feels like a ritual. So with that – I will share with you how I’ve been making large batches of cold brew that will get you out of bed every day.

STEP 1: Fill your Disposable Cold Brew Coffee Filters with the coffee of your choice. The golden ratio of coffee to water is ¾ of a cup to every 4 cups of water. Since you will be using a gallon of water, you’ll need to add 3 cups of – course ground coffee to the filter bag and tie the bag tight.

STEP 2: Place it in a large 1-gallon container of room temp water. Let it sit for 12 – 24 hours on your countertop.

STEP 3: After 24 hours, remove the bag of coffee (squeezing all the extra water in the bag back into the container)

STEP 4: Place the container in the refrigerator. Let chill – pour into a glass and enjoy your coffee as desired.

The “Golden Ratio” of Coffee to Water (Concentrate):

The ratio of water to coffee is essential to how your cold brew will taste. If your ratio is too light, you will end up with a watered-down light brew. Too heavy, and you’ll have an oversaturated brew, or a concentrate. Making a concentrate can be a great option if you want to get a higher yield of coffee per batch. To make cold brew concentrate, you will need to follow the 1:4 ratio – for every one cup of grounds, you will need four cups of water. For your gallon container, that will be four total cups of coffee grounds. Your coffee should always be ground to a coarse consistency. Follow the rest of the steps for making a traditional batch of cold brew. The last step after pouring your coffee into your glass is adding the amount of water to dilute the concentrate to your desired strength.

The Best Coffee For Cold Brew:

The best coffee for cold brew is truly a matter of personal preference. However, through trial and error of my own, I have found out that Dark Roast has a more robust flavor, and takes less time to extract those flavors. Additionally, the flavor profile of Single Origin beans is best with the cold brew method. Based on my preferences and tastes – I highly recommend single origin dark roast coffees. Feel free to test out different coffees with this process; I have found that some coffee beans are better suited for brewing hot and others are better as a cold brew.

Other Brewing Methods (French Press):

Everyone should have a French Press in their kitchen even if they don’t drink coffee – they are just aesthetically pleasing and make for a charming decorative countertop piece. French Presses are a great way to make small batches of cold brew coffee.

STEP 1: Add 3/4 cups of grounds to the french press.

STEP 2: Add in 3 cups of water (following the 1:4 ratio of coffee to water)

STEP 3: Lightly stir the coffee grounds up & let it sit for 12 -24 hours at room temperate.

STEP 4: Using the plunger, press the grounds to filter & pour the coffee into another container to store.

I hope you enjoy your cold brew coffee!

Don’t forget to drink water.

– Conor


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