Last week was tough.

But I just had to remind myself that I was okay.

Telling myself this over and over reminded me of a piece I wrote for a freshman English class in high school.

Okay By: Conor R. Hader

The meaning of the word okay, for me, changes everyday. One day it means fantastic and the next day it means just acceptable. It seems that I encounter the word okay multiple times everyday. It is used for a variety of scenarios, like the response to the question “how are you feeling?” “Okay.”

We use it daily, but what exactly is the meaning of the word “okay.” Lately the word “okay” has been more present in my life. My father has been recently diagnosed with brain cancer and the doctors and my parents keep saying he will be “okay.” When I heard the word ‘okay” it made me think about what was being said. I thought about it long and hard and I did not understand it. “Okay” just did not make any sense to me regarding my fathcr’s health.

To me the word “okay” is just a way of expressing that everything is excellent, terrific, and amazing, but is it really? When an individual says to me it is “okay” do they mean acceptable for the time being or it is 100%, this is great? Truthfully, to me in my current situation it means that everything. is acceptable for today, but tomorrow it might mean great. You see the meaning for me changes. everyday. ] Ily understand what the word “okay,” means. It means that no matter what happens everything will be all right. Everything will be o.k. When the word “okay” comes up in convention I automatically think that things will be all right. “okay” has no promises that everything is good or bad, it simply means that things will be all right and they are manageable. Whatever happens it will end up being okay.

I believe everything will be okay.

I promise you everything will be okay.

but just know that “okay” has no promises – however, you are resilient and strong. Okay has to hold its own value to you.

When I hear the word now I’m reminded of my own ability to control how I feel about a situation.

I will be okay,


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