I Cheated… on my barber | Men’s Hair Care Products


You probably read that title and thought to yourself – What’s the big deal???

The truth is – your barber is more than just the individual that styles and cuts your hair.

Your barber a confidant, friend, and advisor.  They know you just as well as anyone else in your life (At least mine does because I won’t shut up). I’ve talked to my barber about EVERYTHING!

Before you know it – they feel like family and someone you really trust.

I recently broke that trust.

I was a firm believer that if you have a strong bond with your barber or hairstylist you stick with them. They know your hair and precisely how you like it styled so why would you go to anyone else?

However, this belief changed when I came back to Philadelphia after being out of town for a few weeks and desperately needing a haircut. My barber was closed that day and I was just a few hours away from leaving town again for another few weeks.

I had no option but to step out on my barber. (The poor guy never saw it coming)

BAM! – 5 months went by and I’ve been to countless hairstylists. It’s been great! I feel like a new man and I’ve been getting some great haircuts! (The haircuts may be great but the guilt is slowly eating me alive)

By seeking out different barbers I’ve learned a great deal about my own hair and hair care.

Each barber I went to taught me something NEW about my hair.

I acquired knowledge of products that are best for my hair, styling tips & tricks, and how to adequately articulate how I prefer my hair to be styled.

Now, you should always ask your barber questions about your hair type and what is best when it comes to getting your desired style.

That said, I recommend to anyone that they try a new barber or hairstylist every once in a while. You might get a new perspective about your hair and ways to style it.

(Dear Greg – I’ll be back soon, man. I hope you’re not too upset.)

Drink some water you dehydrated desert,


Below you’ll find some of the products I use to style my hair everyday.

Items I Use To Style My Hair:


Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer, Black

Get the right tools to add volume to your hair. It’s 2020 everyone should have a blow dryer!



Kent 9T Handmade Coarse and Fine Toothed Saw-Cut Comb

Put that hair in it’s place!



Layrite Superhold Pomade, 4.25 oz.

SUPER HOLD! I have some heavy – wavey hair and this makes sure that I get the exact look I am going for.


Product II

R+Co Continental Glossing Wax, 2.2 Fl Oz

For when you need a bit of shine in that hair. (This smells amazing and I can’t get enough.)