The Basics to ANY good outfit. 

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The Basics to ANY good outfit.

1. Accessories

The truth is style is subjective and everyone has their own taste. From streetwear to formalwear the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with whatever you’re wearing.

That being said if you want to have an overall great sense of style it starts with the basics.

Accessories are essential – they enhance every outfit. My last post is a great example for how you can strengthen any outfit by focusing on accessories. Accessories show that you’re detail oriented and that you put thought into the way you look.

I recommend starting with 3 basic accessories to get you started:

 Watches, shoes, and belts. 

I’ve been wear the same 2 tone Michael Kors watch for over 4 years now. It goes with almost any outfit.

The watch is the perfect look for rocking a suit but it will turn a lazy t-shirt day into an outfit that seems planned.

Everyone should own a watch with a leather strap because they also go with dressed up outfits and lazyday outfits.

Boots are a must have! (I love boots, especially a nice pair of leather boots).

(editor’s note: I own a pair of Thursday Boots, and love them. As with anything, treat them well and they’ll treat you well)

I find myself rocking white high-tops often.

They work in the gym and at work.

Do yourself a favor and get a nice belt that will match your shoes and other accessories.

2. Fit

Your clothes should fit you! It’s really that simple.

For certain styles such as streetwear it’s okay to break this rule because that’s a staple of the style itself.

For most other styles you want clothing that fits your body type. If you’re smaller make sure that you are not swimming in shirts that are way too large. There are some larger body types out there and those people often have the same issue. Bigger people can also find clothing that they are not swimming in and makes them feel confident and sleek.

Now if you’re really fit make sure that you find clothing that shows off all that hard work but make sure you’re not popping any buttons on those button downs.

You may want people to know how RIPPED you are but they won’t be able to see what you’re working with if one of those buttons flies off and takes an eye out!! (Safty first – find a shirt that fits man!)

3. Layer Layer Layer

Layering is key in taking your thoughtful fit to the next level – If you have on a t-shirt try throwing on a denim button down and leaving it unbuttoned. Something as simple as this will add a bit of depth to your look.

4. Grooming

Most importantly – your effort to be a dapper man will fall short if you don’t keep your grooming in check.

Moisturize your hands, face, and the rest of your body – your skin health is so important.

If you have a beard make sure it’s well maintained and fits the style you’re aiming for.

As far as hair goes – if you like your hair then rock it! HOWEVER keep it clean and use product to help you create that look you want.

Don’t forget to drink water,