Turn Jeans and A T-shirt Into A Smart Outfit


In the fall I was swamped with work and was looking forward to getting any time off. However, even when I had time off, I still had plans and events that I had to attend. Most days I felt like I wanted to overdose on caffeine to stay awake!!

Just because you’re tired doesn’t mean your style has to be.

When it comes to being straight-up tired most people resort to sweats or just throw on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. By no means is there anything wrong with that. (Full disclosure, I own one pair of fitted sweats for the gym – other than that I am just not a sweats kind of guy)

HOWEVER –  there is a simple fix to elevate the jeans and t-shirt look.

Chuck a blazer on and you are golden!!!!

hold up one second.


MY instagram caption reads: I plan on writing a book about my love for blazers and overrated (he says with the utmost sarcasm) carbonated water beverages. Titled “Bubbles and Blazers: How to Look Like A Tool.”

Rule 1: Tuck that T-shirt in

This is important because you want that separation between your pants and shirt. I highly recommend a simple fitted pair of pants and a shirt with color or a pattern of some sort.

Rule 2: Belt Belt BELT (and shoes)

Put on a belt. This belt should match your shoes. In this case, I had on brown leather boots – thus I threw on a nice thiccc (three C’s) brown leather belt. The boots elevated the outfit because they are a more intricate design with an espresso stain and basketweave leather design.

Taft Saint Boot in Espresso:

Rule 3: Watches SLAP so put on a watch.

I don’t care if you can’t tell time because “analog is so hard to read”. You’re an adult man. Put on a watch and learn to tell time! A good watch is a must-have. A nice watch doesn’t have to be expensive. The truth is most of my own watches are under 100 dollars and they always get compliments.

For this specific outfit, I chose a watch with a simple brown leather band. (See, everything is matching a little bit!!!)

Once you do those 3 things you can throw on that blazer and all things come together. I had a navy blue blazer that matched the narrow stripes on my shirt. Additionally, the blazer had just enough color to add a slight pop that the fit was missing.

Now even after a long week, you can tackle any event or party that a Saturday might throw at you.

Drink Water,



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