How to look great without spending big bucks!


This lifestyle philosophy has quite the history!

I just moved into a new apartment and it reminded me of when I moved into my first apartment 3 years ago. Searching for apartments is not easy especially when you’re 19 and plan on moving in with 3 other people (1 guy and 2 girls). As you can imagine everyone had an opinion on the budget, location, amenities, and security of the new Diggs. I only had one *rule*: ‘Champagne on a beer budget!’ 

This statement (while something I strongly stand by) was not one of my own. While on the phone with my sister one night after a long day of surfing the web for apartments I was talking about the stress of trying to find a place that was to my standards (Which at times can be very high, I’ll admit!). Her response to my sky-high expectations: “you’re looking for champagne on a beer budget!” 

Hell yeah, I was!!! It’s safe to say that we eventually found an apartment with most of the things on our lengthy list: Location – Check! Security – Check! Washer/Dryer IN THE UNIT —-CHECK! Granite countertops! – eh nope! That one was pushing it. CHAMPAGNE ON A BEER BUDGET! – check.

This was all done on a budget! I am sure we are all familiar with the phrase – Ballin’ on a Budget – and that is just another saying to live by. You do not need to be spending big bucks on clothing to look your best!

The honest truth is that most compliments will come from when you’re rocking a basic and clean looking outfit and style.

A simplistic wardrobe and a few statement pieces to go along will make your outfits more dynamic.

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Ali gave this to us as a gift when we moved out. The photo taken two days before graduation.
(Me, Ali, and William)

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